Wednesday, September 26, 2012

IC Personalized News


I Phone 5 Covers are here!

Or they will be, and starting to ship 10/15.  You can place pre-orders now.  Just use item number codes below, and indicate your regular pattern and monogram selections.


Pamper your pet with preppy accessories!

Save 10% off dog collars, leashes, and bowls during October.  Use the graphic below to support your marketing efforts.

Here are some other great photos that will help you promote the special:

Photo cards are on sale through October 15th

Customers who buy 100 or more holiday photo cards can save 40% off their order through October 15th.  Customers who buy 50 or more holiday photo cards can save 20% off their order through October 15th.  Please make sure and note this special on your order to receive the discount.  Some of our favorite new styles are below to assist you in promoting this special.

Have you received your copy of the Inviting Company Personalized Gifts holiday collection?

Here are a few of our favorite items that your customers will LOVE!
1. Lucite tray:  make it "seasonal" with a set of holiday inserts.  You purchase the tray with one standard insert for $120, and add your choice of 3 seasonal inserts for $24.  For under $150 you have a tray for four different seasons!  The slip-in inserts store conveniently underneath the tray, ready to use!

2. Seasonal melamine products

It's so much fun to have just the right tray to take to a holiday party at school or a friend's house.   Oval melamine trays and cookies for santa plates are always a big hit.  The best way to sell these is to order some samples to display - RIGHT AWAY!  Please email us at if you need a copy of the holiday gift mini-catalog to sell from.


Holiday Deadlines

We've set our holiday cutoff dates!  Please have your holiday orders in by December 3rd to guarantee Christmas delivery.  As the holiday approaches, we will let you know if extensions to this deadline are possible.

Three Easy Steps Graphics for your web site

We have heard great reviews of our "three easy steps" document, that walks people through the steps of picking your pattern, frame, & font for your selection.  The original file was a PDF.  We have created these jpegs if they are helpful for your web site.

Holiday Photo Cards Sale Continues

Don't forget our AWESOME holiday photo card sale going on now.  Buy 50 or more photo cards before 10/15 and get 20% off your order.  Buy 100 or more photo cards before 10/15 and get 40% off your order!

Lucite Trays

Just a few more days to take advantage of our LUCITE TRAY INSERT special.  Buy the $120 lucite tray, and get half off the additional set of three holiday inserts.  Normally $24 for 3 additional inserts, you will save $12 when you purchase them during the month of September if you are purchasing the tray with it.  Here is a great photo of the tray, interchanged with three seasonal inserts.  It's like having 4 trays in one!

Here is a marketing graphic to support your sales on this item

Pet Tags

To ensure legibility on our pet tags, here is a graphic of some popular combinations with good legibility to guide you.

Trunk Shows

Are you interested in hosting a IC Personalized Trunk Show?  If so, contact us at and we can give you all the details.  You receive a sales kit of various samples to "borrow" and take orders during your show.  The wide range of samples really helps you familiarize yourself with the line and entice customers to try new things.  We send you Facebook graphics to support your show, like the one below!  Some customers offer free shipping to their customers as an incentive during the show - think about it!

What's on the horizon?  October's Specials are for Pampered Pets!
Save 10% off all leashes, collars, and pet bowls during October.  Retailers, sell 12 large pet bowls and get one free at the end of the month!  Look for a graphic soon to use on Facebook or in your marketing efforts to support this special.

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