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Thank you for your interest in Inviting Company and becoming a dealer.  We have created this page to help you find the best way to incorporate our products into your business, and to give you some tips on having the most success with our line.

The first question we always ask people is if you want "off the shelf" product or "personalized" product.  "Off the shelf" products are those that come to you straight from our shelves - blank invitations, blank note cards, thank you note cards, napkins, cups, gift products, travel mugs, etc.  For "off the shelf" invitations and stationery, you would either print the text yourself or sell them to your customer to print at home.  "Personalized" products are those that we custom print either a name, monogram, or text on and ship you the finished product, already personalized.  We find that many retailers utilize both programs hand-in-hand, so we have outlined the details of both below.

OFF THE SHELF PRODUCTS - the highlights!
  • Blank invitations are sold in bulks of 20.  We can box the 20's for you for an additional charge.
  • Napkins, cups, and other gift products are sold in minimums per style as indicated in our gift catalogs.
  • The easiest way to order invitations is on-line via our wholesale web site.  You can email for a guest user name and password to browse.  Our opening order for "off the shelf" stock is $150 and re-orders are $50.
To view catalogs, go to or view each below.

OFF THE SHELF - the catalogs!

The catalog shown below contains everyday gifts like napkins, cups, note cards, pads, & bags.

The catalog shown below is what you want to view if you are looking for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas gifts such as paper napkins, cups, and accessories.

The catalog shown below is what you want to view if you are looking at imprintable invitations.  This is our comprehensive everyday catalog, and products shown are available commercially offset printed (for best desktop laser and inkjet compatibility) unless it is noted that the item is available digitally printed only.  Some desktop inkjet and laser printers do not print digitally printed stock very well, so we distinguish the difference for customers if a card is available "digital only."

Please note that posted "off the shelf" catalogs do not include wholesale pricing as they are viewable on our site by the public.  To receive links with wholesale pricing please email

"Off the shelf" product is typically product that is purchased by retailers who stock the items in their store.  Many storefront retailers don't want to carry every Inviting Company invitation on their store shelves, and they want a way to offer more of our line without the commitment of inventory.  Similarly, businesses like web sites or home studios also want to avoid carrying physical inventory and prefer a program like our "personalized" program.  Through this program, retailers take orders from catalogs and the product is printed or personalized by Inviting Company and arrives to your store completely finished and ready to hand to the customer.  There is drop ship available with this program as well for an additional cost.

  • Download and print the IC Personalized Program Flyer & Application.  Complete the application on page 3 of the document, and fax it back to Inviting Company as indicated.
  • The requirement to start with the personalized program is the purchase of a $150 "starter kit."  The kit contains a variety of standard product samples, and the entire library of 10 paper catalogs that you take orders from.  Each catalog contains pricing, personalization options, and other details like shipping and turn around time in the book.  As part of the program, every January 1st you renew your subscription with the program for a $100 renewal fee and you receive a completely fresh set of catalogs including updates.
  • Products in the catalogs are not limited to invitations & stationery!  With our recent expansion, we now offer cell phone cases, lucite trays, melamine products, keychains, desk calendars, glass cutting boards, pet products, iPad covers, neoprene laptop cases, makeup bags, straw cups, coffee mugs, travel mugs, sippie cups, snack containers, water bottles, and much more!
  • You can add the Sorority/Greek supplement for $50. You receive the greek catalog to sell from plus an iPhone cover and a keychain in greek motif to add to your samples.

To view catalogs, go to  All retail prices are located in the back of the personalized catalogs for your reference.

The catalogs shown below are the personalized gift catalogs.  They contain personalized iPhone covers, iPad cases, lucite trays, melamine products, pet products, sip cups, coffee mugs, water bottles, wall art, and more.

iPhone Cases are one of our top sellers.  To help retailers, we send you a laminated copy of our iPhone 4 and iPhone 4 Otter Box commuter sell sheets.  These sell sheets don't show every single option available, but they do show quite a few options which is often enough for a quick sale at your register, or enough to engage a customer so they want to see all the options.

Here is the iPhone 4 case flyer:

Here is the Otter Box iPhone 4 Case.  This is the Otter Box Commuter series.  You can see all the specs for this case on the Otter Box web site.

In the fall of 2012, we added our holiday gift catalog offering. This catalog features many of the same categories as our everyday gift catalog, but the products are created with holiday artwork instead of everyday artwork.

The catalog shown below is the personalized stationery catalog.  It was added in May of 2013 and showcases a wide variety of personalized stationery products, including notes, calling cards and labels.  The catalog also features personalized napkins, coasters, guest towels, and cups.

The catalogs shown below are the everyday invitation catalogs.  They showcase "all occasion" and "theme" invitations including borders, florals, birthday, cocktails, mexican, and more!

The catalog shown below is the wedding catalog.  It features invitations for save the dates, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and other bridal-themed invitations.

The catalogs below showcase the children's invitations (red cover) and baby invitations (yellow cover).  The children's catalog features many types of birthday party invitations ranging from princess to robot and everything in between!  The baby catalog has shower and party invitations for baby boys and girls, plus sip and see invitations, and cards suitable for announcements.

The holiday catalogs feature halloween, fall, and Christmas invitations in one catalog, and a second catalog features holiday photo cards.

Inviting Company offers a wide range of Greek Licensed products for chic sorority girls!  Here is just a peek at some of the offering.  IC has "off the shelf" greek products that are good for your customers to grab-and-go with, such as note cards, cups, and note pads.  And IC also has "personalized" greek gifts like phone cases, laptop covers, and other items that bear the greek symbols but can also be personalized with the name of the member.

The newest addition to the IC Personalized Program is our new collection of "Team Spirit" inspired products featuring gifts and products in your favorite team colors!

So do you need stock for your shelves?  Or do you want a personalized program to sell from?

We suggest both!

Inviting Company also has Collegiate Licensed and Greek Licensed product lines.  For information about collegiate, please email with a request for the teams you are interested in receiving information on.  For Greek, please send a similar request and we will be happy to send you a link to the greek program flyer.

We look forward to working with you!

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to email and it will be our pleasure to help walk you through working with Inviting Company.

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