Friday, August 31, 2012

Homespun in the Hamptons

From the South, the Hamptons seem like a fairy tale.  A place we hear celebrities and New York socialites escape to, but rarely get a glimpse of what life is really like there - until now!

Kelly Kole, a self-described Yankee (happily transplanted to the south) describes her memories of every summer in the Hamptons:  "They are memories filled with the smell of the bay, the sounds of the purple martins chirping every morning and the water lapping on the bulkhead, the excitement of pulling up the crab traps, sunset cocktail cruises, farm stand veggies and the satisfying feeling of long days spent in the sun with those most dear to us."
Just down the street from Westhampton is the town of Quogue, with wide streets, established homes, and a "neighborhood" feeling that sets it apart.  Quogue is the home of one of IC Personalized's top resellers - Homespun, located 142 Jessup Avenue.

Kelly graciously describes the owner of Homespun, Elizabeth Donnarumma: "You know when you meet someone and you instantly know that if you lived closer to each other, you’d be the best of friends? That’s how I feel about the owner of this fantastic little boutique—Elizabeth Donnarumma. Elizabeth knows every customer that walks into her store by name, is passionate about the products she sells and personally runs Homespun until 7pm every day in the summer months."

Check out the IC Personalized glass cutting board in Homespun.  Just personalized with "Beach House" - it is a great "grab and go" item in Elizabeth's store.

I spy IC Personalized coasters in blue trellis with the word "Quogue" on it.  Shoppers with homes in the area love products specific to their town, and Elizabeth gives them stylish options for novel "pick-ups."

Elizabeth comments that the personalized program is doing very well for her.  "Customers have loved their cell phone cases and having people walking around with them has helped spread the word....My shop features American- made products and I introduce 4-6 new items weekly.  Keeps things fresh and interesting!  Things move at breakneck speed and I'm lucky to have such a supportive following!!!!"

No surprise to us!  Thanks, Homespun!

Pictures and partial editorial by Kelly Kole

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